About Our Program

Assured Maintenance Locksmith Training Program is the only locksmith training program that is owned and operated by actual locksmiths.

The Facts

How much did your company spend last year on an outside locksmith?

- The average locksmith call to a commercial account is about $300.00. The average commercial account calls a locksmith at least six times a year. That's a minimum of $1,800.00 a year. That's double the price of our training program. This program will pay for itself quickly.

- There are many advantages to having a professionally trained locksmith on staff. Every door in your facility has a lock or some type of hardware on it. This is your first line of defense. These locks often need to be re-keyed, repaired, or replaced. Having a professional trained locksmith on staff at your facility can help resolve security issues and can also better secure your facility.

Do I need experience as a locksmith to use this program?

- This program was designed for the beginner, as well as the experienced Locksmith. We take you from the very first step in locksmithing. Individuals involved in maintenance will normally have a distinct advantage in this program because of their mechanical skills.

Utilizing your maintenance or engineering department to perform your locksmithing can save you time and money.

- Professional Locksmiths and owners of successful locksmith businesses developed this program.

- Assured Maintenance Locksmith Training is the only Program designed to teach your Maintenance Staff how to perform locksmithing in house.


Chapter One- Key Blank Identification, Chapter Two- Different Types of Locks.....

The average locksmith call to a commercial account is about.....

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