About Our Program

Assured Maintenance Locksmith Training Program is the only locksmith training program that is owned and operated by actual locksmiths.

About Us

These are new and different times and they will require new and different thinking. Now there is a need to secure your facilities more than ever. It is imperative that you know WHO is performing your locksmithing and has first control of your keys. Bringing your locksmithing in-house will save you time, money and provide better security. More important you will know WHO is securing your facilities.

If your are currently performing your own locksmithing, you may want to ask yourself, what type of formal training your staff received and are they compromising the security due to lack of training? Also what type of key control system is in use and are there crossover keys? Are keying records being kept? It has been reported that 80% of all commercial theft comes from within due to unauthorized entry from poor key control or crossover keys caused by your staff from improper training or no formal training.

We can help, Assured Maintenance Locksmith Training from its inception has maintained its dedication in providing the best training available and also keeping the integrity of the locksmithing industry.

Assured Maintenance Locksmith Training continues to be the leader in training security professionals in the locksmith industry.

Organizations That Have Completed Our Course:

U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Labor, City and County Government Facilities, Correctional Facilities, National Hotel/Motel Chains, Educational Facilities, Rail Road Investigators, Postal Investigators, Law Enforcement Officers and Retirement Homes. We also have our programs in seven different Countries. This is just a few of our Customers.


Chapter One- Key Blank Identification, Chapter Two- Different Types of Locks.....

The average locksmith call to a commercial account is about.....

U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Labor.....

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